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Information about Oman FM

Oman FM

Oman FM is an interactive English radio station aired in Accra Ghana. It is a subsidiary of Kencity MediaLimited which also operates Net 2 TV and the National Agenda Newspaper. If not in Accra, the subsidiary also operates ASHH FM in Kumasi and Spice FM in Takoradi.

About Oman FM

Ghana is an English speaking nation but has over seventy ethnic communities meaning language is diverse. Their second language is lingua franca. English and lingua franca are the official languages of Ghana. Despite the two, Oman FM may use Akan in their show which is the most widely spoken language in Ghana. This makes Oman FM penetrate into a wider range of listeners.

Programs and Personnalities

Early morning show begins with the Morning Devotion hosted by Kwame Manukure followed by the Morning Show hosted by Fiti Boafo. It basically involves live sessions with leaders and live callsfrom the citizenry to chip in the discussions being held. Late nights are hosted by Nana Esi Boateng who will dish you with good slow blues. The station plays different genres of music; hip-hop, rhythm and blues, Pop and African beats among others to keep their wide fan base glued and entertained at all times.

How to listen

To listen to the station you could tune in to 107.1 while in Accra or you can listen to Oman FM online through global online radio. Oman FM engages their listeners even more by interacting with them through twitter at their handle @OmanFm1071 or their Facebook link

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