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Information about Sweet Melodies

Sweet Melodies


This channel has been operating since the year 2009 and it operates as a private radio station that pose a wide range of religious content. Many people tune into this station for their regular news and for ongoing prayer!

Where to listen

The easiest way to listen to sweet melodies is on the 94.3 FM band. The station broadcasts throughout Accra and the surrounding area. Sweet melodies also has a listen live feature available on the website were worldwide listeners can easily listen to the program wherever they may be on the main website.

Shows and Personnalities

Some of the most popular shows available on sweet melodies are the up-to-the-minute news hours which are posted regularly. The Bible quiz contests and more. Dr. Who is another popular program that helps address issues of health. The program takes place every day at 11am. Food in focus is another popular program that airs on Fridays. Quiet time prayer takes place at 4 AM to 6 AM and breaking the chains in worship takes place 11 am.


The base website features a fairly simple design that displays information about all of the latest local news, sports, tech, and entertainment as well as news that churches surrounding Accra and their events.

Connecting with the station

Connecting with the station is best done over Facebook or through their main website. The company is also available over YouTube, Google plus and twitter.

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