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Angel FM


The company got started first in the year 2012 and they have since expanded into a full commercial radio station that has a wide range of appeal across the nation.

Where to listen

Listeners can catch Angel FM on the 96.1 fm band. The station is also available for broadcast across a series of online streams from free radio hosts.

Shows and Personnalities

The station is mostly known for its programs that occur on match day for Premier league soccer. They complete a number of match day previews, recaps and even perform interviews a few days leading up to any major football event. Their ongoing speculation throughout the week takes place in a series of different programs which highlight various teams as well as the leagues around the world. There are live broadcasts of football matches played over the station as well.


The main website for Angel FM has since been rerouted directly to the facebook page. The company prefers to perform the vast majority of its updates through social media sites and all the contact information for the site is now up on their main Facebook page rather than through the website.

Connecting with the station

You can connect with the station through the number that is available on the facebook page. The company is not terribly active over other forms of social media and this is one of the best ways that you can reach Angel FM broadcasters.