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Information about Peace FM

Peace FM

Peace FM is more than just a traditional broadcaster, and they have been in existence for years now. They communicate more in Ghanaian’ local language often. The station delivers services to all Ghanaians on platforms ranging from news, online radio and audio on demand. 


Programs like Kokrookoo and Entertainment review are mostly aired online because of the Demand & Request by listeners.

Listen Frequency & Online

Peace FM can be heard when you tune your radio to 1o4.3 megahertz, as well as on their official website 

Social Network

You can find them on Facebook where they have a huge Fan likes of over 500,000+ and keep a very interactive timeline which makes fans engage with their daily posts. Peace FM is also available on Twitter with over 70,000 followers. They keep this profile interactive just like what they do on Facebook.


Peace FM official website is The website is more of News/Magazine theme, white in color. A link to the official online radio is at the footer just scroll down to the bottom to click on it. It’s very responsive website which would open smoothly on any mobile device.

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