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Okay FM is a radio station broadcasting out of Accra Jana that plays classical African music, pop and some new rock music. The program delivers a wide range of news and radio music under the slogan “Everything is Okay”.

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Information about Okay FM

Okay FM


The station first got started in the year 2015 as a live radio show that would play a variety of traditional music from across Africa. Today their programming has expanded into current news, pop, rock and more.

How to listen

Listening to the radio station can be done over 101.7 FM in Accra Ghana. There are also a wealth of online streams on free radio sites so that users can access their content at any time of day worldwide.

Shows and Personalities

The main personalities show that this station is known for, is the Odi Ahenkan Yeboah show which takes place on weekdays. Other hosts include Abeiku Santana and Edward Nana Poku Osei. These main hosts cover almost every piece of news and announcement on the show for a new music artist or song as well.

Connecting with the station

You can connect with the station quite easily with the help of social media sites like Facebook. The main website can also be a good place to contact radio DJs directly as well as through the listed phone numbers that are given with their online stream.


The main website for Okay FM is fairly simple with a series of news headlines as well as a link to the radio station stream. On the main website you can see a banner link to spots where you can listen to the content online as well as all of the latest headlines that are added from local news sites. Here you can read about all of the latest news but overall the website doesn't have too much information on the station itself.

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